Anonymous: PLEASE write a Miranda/Gary fic :D ??

I’ve sort of written a few in the past… Send me some prompts! :D

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hiriahb replied to your post: Cooking with Miranda.

This would be me cooking XD I can’t cook! I think I’d take Mirandas side, go to the supermarket and get a ready made meal XD

Ain’t nothing wrong with that! :)

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Cooking with Miranda.

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onlyladybabes replied to your post: “After Eight (G, 869 words)”:

aww, poor gary! thanks for this :)

Thank you! :)

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After Eight (G, 869 words)

Gary and Stevie have words after the dinner party. (We’re agreed that Gary lives above the restaurant, yeah?)

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ICYMI: All your friends on the Internet are freaking out over a pop-up Friends-style Central Perk coffee shop in downtown Manhattan. That’s right, you can even sit on the orange couch from the show and take in a performance of “Smelly Cat.”

No word yet on a tour of the apartment because you can’t find an apartment that large in the West Village.

Read the exclusive on EW.com. -EL

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Anonymous: If there's any extra Miranda scenes in your call the midwife PLEASE put them up :D

I don’t think there were any in the first half of the Christmas special, but you bet I’ll be keeping my eye out this week!

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Ok so i just finished watching HALF of the Christmas special here in NZ half because they split it. Ugh into TWO episodes. Rawr. Anyways i noticed that Sister Julienne mentions that Jane is off to nursing school if some people had missed that (i have somehow missed it over the 20 times i have watched it) and there’s all these wee extra scenes compared to the version i saw like Timothy being told not to spill the tea, Timothy creeping around with the suitcase and i was just wondering if it was just my version which missed all these wee scenes??

Ah I knew I hadn’t seen that bit with Jane before! I was wondering what they were going to do with the Christmas special since it was too long for the 1-hour timeslot but not long enough to split into two. I guess that’s how they solved it - weird that we get the longer version in NZ though (not that I’m complaining!)

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Title: Close Your Eyes
Artist: Michael Bublé
Played: 26159 times
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