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1. I’m excellent at keeping secrets.
2. I pay a lot of attention to detail.
3. I think I have good instincts.
4. I’m a pretty fast reader.
5. Maybe this is weird, but I like my eyebrows haha!

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Sheldon explaining fandom life

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mzieber replied to your post: “I hear you’re writing Miranda again…”:

I’m on the fence. I’m joyous that there will be more. But I’m sad that there won’t be a full series. She’s wrapping up story lines.

It will be sad to see it end, but I’m a fan of short sitcom runs haha. It’s good to know when to stop, you know? That being said, I would love it if she went the Ab Fab route and did some one-off specials in the future.

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"I hear you’re writing Miranda again…"

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2x03 || 3x06

Them being scared of it not being perfect. They loved each other that much that they wanted it to be perfect and passionate. Not planned.

Oh, I’ve never thought of it that way… *gets teary*

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rantsandravingsofashinykey replied to your post: “Today’s my birthday and I’ll eat chocolate with sprinkles if I want…”:

Hope I’m not too late, but happy birthday!

Thank you so much! :)

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Anonymous: do you have any film clips from when miranda interviewed alan carr? like when they swapped roles?

Do you mean gifs? I made this one where she talks about flirting with Prince Harry http://alfrescotree.tumblr.com/post/48605793955/princess-miranda

(If you mean the actual video, just google chatty man miranda mash up)

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Happy birthday, Louise aka @alfrescotree! :) 

San yat fai lok! 

I can’t write it or understand it, but this one I can speak! :P

Thank youuu :) <333 

(And thank you for all your wisdom and support, I’m so glad I met you over a gif!)

Was it a gif? I can no longer remember! :P 

And I’m equally happy to have you as a Tumblr friend. You’ve been the singular influence in fuelling my Miranda interest. :) 

Yes it was! This one specifically hehe

Oh bless you for saying that, its basically the sole purpose of my Tumblr ;)

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Miranda and Alan rail against the single supplement.

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